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FINAL PRODUCT'S description


What’s the Cantilever Single Twisting Machine?

The Cantilever Single Twisting Machine is a type of industrial equipment used in the wire and cable manufacturing industry. It is designed to twist multiple wires together to create a single, thicker wire that can be used for various applications. The machine features a cantilever structure that provides stability and accuracy during the twisting process. It works by taking individual wires and twisting them together to create a final product that meets specific industry standards for quality and reliability.

Cantilever stranding machine
Cantilever stranding machine

The list of the Whole line:


  1. Horizontal Tension Pay-Off Stand: A device that maintains constant tension on the wire as it is fed into the production line.
  2. PLC Siemens Electric Control Box: An advanced control system that manages the operation of the production line, ensuring precision and accuracy in every step.
  3. Wire Collection Device: A mechanism that collects the twisted wire and prepares it for the next stage of production.
  4. Wrapping Machine: A device that wraps the twisted wire with a protective layer of material, such as insulation or shielding.
  5. Cantilever Single Twisting Main Machine: The primary machine in the production line that twists multiple wires together to create a single, thicker wire that is used in various applications. This machine is designed with a cantilever structure for stability and accuracy in the twisting process.

Models for selection:


Machine model
Single wire OD(mm)
Max stranding OD(mm)
Traverse pitch(mm)
Max 800 rpm
Max 600 rpm
Max 500 rpm
Max 450 rpm
Twisting pitch(mm)
Pay-off bobbin size(mm)
Take-up bobbin size(mm)

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Steps of How To Get The Machine

Get Full Project
Depending on your specific needs, we set up the most suitable solution. If you have a new factory to build, we can also design a reasonable length to fit the space of your factory.
Get Full Project
Making Your Machine
We will deliver your product within 55-65 days after receiving a 30% deposit and finalizing the orientation/color of the equipment. (Specific time depends on different products)
Making Your Machine
testing report
Testing The Machines
Trailing Before Dispatch
We will perform a complete run of the equipment and provide a full test report prior to shipment.
testing report
Testing The Machines

Packing &Delivery


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What  you want to know

Yes, this is. One-stop service can save you time and money, isn't it?

Yes, it is. We don’t make used equipment, so it may not be possible to see a complete production line in our factory every time.

Sure, we can arrange any machine you want to check around our city. if you are from INDIA, we also can arrange it in NOIDA.

Yes, it is. We don’t make used equipment, so it may not be possible to see a complete production line in our factory every time.

We will provide the water/electric circuit diagram and operation manual of the equipment.

we will provide the power, gas, water consumption and floor area of the each production line.

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