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cable Machine Manufacturer Since 2005

One shop solution / Whole life after-service

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best quality

We will have to trail the machine until after it passes its cable pass test.

after-sales team

If you're having any problems with your machine, just give us a call and our team of experts will take care of it for ya!

Worldwide Shipping

In 20 years, we have shipped our product to every country in the world.

best offers

When you purchase from us, not only will your items be of the best quality but also at prices that can't be beat!

table ofcontentsfor this page

it is not easy to introduce who we are, so we have prepared a lot of information on this page for you to delve into. To make the information you want quickly, we have prepared this content directory that will jump to the corresponding location when you click on it.

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HongKai is the global leader in fiber optic cable, electric & lan cables production technologies. With over 20 years experience and close cooperation with our partners we can provide you all your needs for an affordable price!

Fiber Optic Cable Production Line

At HONGKAI, we're excited to provide you with top-notch solutions and production equipment for your metal or fiber optic cables and so much more!

Electric Cable Production Line

Enhance your capabilities with our efficient and reliable electric cable production solutions.

Network Cable Production Line

Stay ahead in the market with our advanced network cable manufacturing systems.

stepsof work with us

Working with Hongkai is sure to be a unique and engaging experience! We encourage all new team members to take one step at a time, as there are quite a few steps involved in getting started. This begins with explaining the rules, setting expectations and demonstrating our delightful sense of humor – after all, who said work can’t be fun?



We offer the most suitable solution for your needs and can provide you with an entire plant layout.




After we have a good solution for your problem, our detailed production delivery process will be developed and submitted to you or one of our representatives in charge. Once approved by them – this means everything is set! We’ll start working on it right away with strict compliance towards any schedule deadlines so there are no delays whatsoever




The products our equipment produces will be tested before shipment until they pass your rigorous standards.




We will send engineers to install and debug the equipment once it arrives at your factory. We also offer technical training so that you can be sure any problems are taken care of in no time!



Hongkai are able to provide customized services for our clients as they needs. We have a team of experienced professionals who can help to deliver the service as per our client’s requirement.


Quotations are like short, helpful sentences that allow customers to understand your plan in an instant.


According to the actual specifications of this factory, it’s possible for you to plan or layout your whole production process.


With our customizable options, you can make your product stand out from the rest!

cost check

The cost of a product is determined by many different factors. From materials used to produce it, all the way down through even what country you manufacture in can make a difference on your final price tag!

order follow up sheet

Wow! The list is updated every Friday, so that customers also know the order process. It’s a great way to stay in touch with what you need and when it will be delivered.”

commissionging and trail available

Technical support is available for all of your needs. Whether it’s an installation or training, we’ve got you covered!

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Packing &Delivery

The goods will be packed in a professional manner to ensure their safety during transport.

Letter ofthanks

Thanks letter from USA
thanks letter from Russia
thanks letter from Ukraine
Republic of Belarus

Ask usanything

You only need to provide product maps and the required data standards. If you are not familiar with this industry or a company, our experience can also provide you with the most professional answers.

No matter what products, we have corresponding suppliers. ONE-SHOP service from A-Z is a good choice.

Our engineering team has at least ten years of experience. For example, the process engineer is a program manager from SDG / ZTT, the process engineer is a production manager from YOFC…

30% advance payment as the start order,70% balanced payment before delivery the goods. 30% advance payment is charged because we also need this deposit to buy raw materials at first.

According to the raw materials of the test machine provided by you, we will use the data provided by you to produce products through our equipment, and then further carry out industry standard tests, then the test results will be re-arranged for packaging and delivery of goods.

There are two cases:
The whole container: heavy volume / important / fragile will be packaged with internal bubble film packaging and external fumigation wooden frame fixed, other goods with bubble film packaging.
Bulk cargo: Fumigated wooden pallets fixed, fumigation-free wooden boards fully enclosed (additional payment required).

After the equipment arrives at your factory, we will arrange the engineer in time or according to your requirements. The time is mainly based on the specific equipment. In addition, you must help the engineers arrange food, dormitory, air tickets and daily wages: 80USD / day

We guarantee that we will give a solution within half an hour after receiving your problem. We can monitor the program problem remotely, and we will send it to you ASAP if there have any issues with the machinery.

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Our Happy Clients

Please look at the excellent feedback from our happy clients who have personally enjoyed the HONGKAI experience.

world map

Locations in Delhi, Noida, Bangalore and Mumbai. These clients major making the CATV cable and FTTH drop cable.

1 of 12

Locations in Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi city, these clients major making the indoor and outdoor optic cables.

2 of 12

Locations in Dhaka city, Keman company major making the CATV cable in there.

3 of 12

The client Locations in Katmandu city who major making the FTTH drop cable.

4 of 12

Locations in Katmandu city who major making the FTTH drop cable.

5 of 12

Locations in Seoul city who major making the Soft/ Patch cord cable. But most of them are moved the factory to Vietnam.

6 of 12

Locations in Karachi city who major making the GYXTW cable.

7 of 12

Locations in Teheran city who major making the Indoor/outdoor optic cables.

8 of 12

Locations in Moscow and St.Petersburg city who major making the Electric/Power cables.

9 of 12

Locations in Cairo city who major making the outdoor optic cables.

10 of 12

Locations in Dar-es-Salaam city who major making the full indoor/outdoor optic cables in 2020.

11 of 12

Locations in St.Paul city who major making the full indoor/outdoor optic cables. like the WEC/MPT/Bluecom.

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