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3 Reasons Why The Top 8 Optical Cable Production Line Supplier in China are Killing it | HONGKAI

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Even though not many marvel at these cables, it doesn’t displace the fact that civilization depends on them. So let’s give them some credit by first showcasing the “Top 8 Optical Cable Production Line Supplier in China.”
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With nearly 500 million km of optical fibers made per year, the demand for optical fiber cables is rapidly growing, with China at the peak for manufacturing. These cables helped bring about technology that is increasingly popular with tech startups, especially 5G and AR (Augmented Reality). 

Even though not many marvel at these cables, it doesn’t displace the fact that civilization depends on them. So let’s give them some credit by first showcasing the “Top 8 Optical Cable Production Line Supplier in China.” 

The Top 8 Optical Cable Line Supplier in China:

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Being the newest in the fiber optic industry, Hongkai Optical occupies the top 8 spots in China. Having begun operations in 2015, Hongkai Optical boldly climbed its way to the top, earning many achievements and recognition from its competitors. They specialize in developing and manufacturing optical fiber cable equipment, telecommunication wires, and cable equipment worldwide.

Hongkai Optical Cable Equipment Factory is new to the industry, but not to Optical Fibers. With strong relations to countries worldwide and experienced workers, they will continue to expand along with the need for fiber optics in the coming years.


Shanghai Weiye OFC has been specializing in fiber optical cable machine manufacturing and research since the early days of 1998. They pride themselves as professionals in machinery that handles fiber optic cables, fiber coloring, secondary coating, SZ stranding line, sheathing line, fiber ribbons, and all kinds of indoor cables. With high quality and working speed, Shanghai Weiye OFC sustains an impeccable track record that allows them to stand in the top 8 rankings in China.


Founded in 1988, Shenzhen SGD Information is one of the initial batches of state-controlled Hi-tech enterprises in China. They are committed to R&D and fabrication of fiber optic cable, wiring network equipment, and communications equipment. SDGI covers such fields as optical fiber and optical cable, Intelligent Network, and Military enterprise information. The company has built comprehensive sales and service systems in more than 40 countries and regions globally, solidifying its growth worldwide.


TongDing (TD) Interconnection is a “six-in-one” leader in the field of Optoelectronic Cable Manufacturing. Focusing on in-depth information and communication, TD covers all provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and many countries in the world. TD uses product quality to enhance brand connotation. Through extension and expansion, they enrich and improve on quality, technology, innovation, and responsibility. The combination of products, technologies, and service applications of many brands has shaped TD Interconnection’s high-grade corporate image and market reputation.


ZTT has been exploring internationalization since 2002 and is one of the forebears with a “going global” strategy in the optical fiber industry. Today, armed with a force of 350 multilingual employees, ZTT aims to meet the global market’s needs, stimulate regional development, and improve regional employment.

Established in 1992, ZTT began with optical fiber communications. Now ZTT has developed a diversified industrial telecom model, power grid, renewable energy, marine system, and precision equipment, earning many awards.


FiberHome Technologies, originally “Wuhan Research Institute of Posts and Telecommunications (WRI).” was established as early as 1974. WRI is well-known as the origin of optical communication technology in China. Starting with R&D in optical communications, FiberHome Technologies has evolved into a significant Telecom Industrial House, providing total solutions in fiber-optic communication, data networking, and wireless communication in China over the last 30 years. The range of products, telecommunication solutions, and the global customers who have continued their reliance bears testimony of its leadership. 


Being one of the first in the 5G industry, the Yangtze Optical fiber and Cable Joint Stock Limited Company (YOFC) began in 1988, Wuhan. With access to a variety of optical fiber cables, the YOFC also does solutions. YOFC offers a complete set of carrier network solutions covering multiple 5G application scenarios, wired and wireless, urban and rural areas through the backbone, metro, and access network to address the 5G requirements, high-bandwidth, low-latency, and massive-connection.

Adhering to the mission of “Smart Link Better Life,” YOFC devotes itself to becoming the leader in information transmission and smart links through its core value, “Client Focus Accountability Innovation Stakeholder Benefits.”

The Eighth Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation

At the forefront of China’s optical cable technology is the Eighth Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, referred to as the Eight Institute. Since 1970, the Eight Institue is by no means a stranger to transmissions, having engaged in microwave and unique transmission line research. Boasting such a magnificent background, specialized products such as “flame-retardant optical cable” and “optical fiber composite ground wire” have been developed.

The institute specializes in the development and production of optical fiber and cable-related equipment. The Eight Institue is the leading domestic research and development base of anything related to optical cable and has made an enormous contribution to China’s optical fiber industry.

3 Simple Reasons why Optical Cable Production Lines are killing it

medical advancements
medical advancements

Ever-Expanding Market

The global market for Medical Fiber Optics is estimated to reach US$1.3billion by 2021. With medical advancement as a strong base for fiber optics usage, the inclination to rise in demand is prevalent.

Heavy imaging and growing preference for non-invasive surgery will drive a significant chunk of clinical imaging and endoscopy applications opportunities. The benefit of the market will be the rise in endoscopy procedures with improved safety and effectiveness in diagnosis and therapy. 

5g implementation
5g implementation

Implementation of 5G

With the world gradually moving onto 5G technology, this speedy infrastructure’s backbone is fiber optics. 5G wireless networks and fiber optics complement each other, so coherent that without each other, none would seem to work. Together, they promote many new businesses that help connect phones and laptops to every infrastructure available. Connecting cities through a single smartphone doesn’t seem impossible. Smart Cities are becoming a thing of the near future, with lightspeed technology, and you wouldn’t want to miss a part of it.

tiktok popular
TikTok popular

Social Media Boom

The trend with social media relies heavily on fiber optics. With more content being uploaded and streamed online, the demand for reliability and speed blows up. With this demand, citizens worldwide will be enjoying even more social media, videos, network gaming, and other services that only rely on fast internet, achievable by fiber optics.

There are many other factors why optical cables dominate the market in 2021 and why these eight companies are at their apex. Briefly touching on their specialties and history, we hope that it will provide you with a more precise image if the need arises.


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