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Правительство повышает цены на ликеры
What and Why material volatility, Let's see what going on in the world
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By the “supply shortage” factor, copper, iron, aluminum, plastic, and other raw materials prices continue to rise; as the world’s large refineries collectively closed, chemical raw materials almost all soared …… impact on the industry involving furniture, home appliances, electronics, textiles, tires and so on!

Trading Economics

This is an American website that provides various economic indicators for countries around the world, and one of the important ones is the change in commodity prices.

American Trading report

It also can provide a full-year forecast. 

American Trading report -1

‘Global Times’: Steel prices may surge to record highs as demand surges

Global time report

‘Indian Business Line’: Iron ore prices leap to near 10-year high in global market

Indian Business Line report

‘Indian Business Insider’: Rising exports to China surge domestic cotton yarn prices, says India Ratings and Research

indian business insider report

‘Independent.Ie’: Raw materials and customs fees driving rise in costs for manufacturers

The price of manufacturing output has risen to a four-year high due to the impact of higher raw material prices, as well as higher tariffs and transport costs resulting from the UK’s new trade-related arrangements, and these increased costs will eventually be passed on to customers.

The price increase is the trend, now not only China’s factories, but factories around the world have also entered the price increase mode.

‘Reuters’: China’s factory prices snap year-long decline as demand recovers

Reuters report

In this article, Reuters analyzes the PPI (Producer Price Index) for January, noting that strong manufacturing growth in the world’s second-largest economy pushed up raw material prices, causing factory ex-factory prices in China to rise in January for the first time in a year.

‘Financial Times’: Europe’s factories raise goods prices as supply bottlenecks bite

Financial times report

European manufacturers are passing on increased costs to their customers, and inflation in the eurozone is at its highest level in nearly a year due to tight raw materials and skyrocketing transportation costs.

‘Coatings World’:Hempel Announces Global Price Increase

coating world report

Coatings World, a leading global media outlet for the coatings industry, recently published an article stating that HEMPEL has announced that it will increase the price of its products as raw material prices continue to rise. HEMPEL is a world-renowned coatings company, and this news illustrates the specific trends and issues in the industry.

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